Session Timing: 1-2 Hours

Numerology is that aspect of Astrology which deals with self-discovery. It helps you to find the concealed meaning of the world. It can act as your individualized guide to life, your probability of becoming something, your strengths and weaknesses. It can also help you see compatibility with your partner.


This service will be done by Russian Numerologist Kamila who has over 13 years of experience in numerology and psychoanalysis


Did you ever wanted to know about your personality strength and weaknesses?

Your psychomatrix answers many questions for you. There are no predictions, divination, indications of evil eyes, damage, curses. Here is about what you see in front of you an instruction to your potential. Understanding information about yourself helps you to accept your weaknesses and strengths, how to reach a particular goal, realize your dreams and ambitions.

And to be precise, you will learn more about your potentials.  Not everyone uses it for their own benefit.

She will analyze your relationship with your partner and tell you what difficulties you may encounter and how you both affect each other’s energies.

Talk about what to pay attention to raising your children and where to direct their talents.

What she won’t do for you:

She won’t predict your future.

She will not say when you will get married or get a job.

And she does not decide how to live your life.

With her consultation, you will get a map of yourself and only you choose what to do with it and take responsibility for yourself